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LSQ Series Price Computing Labeling Scale
SCALES LSQ Series Price Computing Labeling Scale
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LSQ Series Price Computing Labeling Scale
by Tor Rey
Price: $925.00
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The Torrey LSQ-40L is a 40 lb price computing scale comes with a built in thermal label & receipt printer. The stainless steel cabinet and plate make cleanup simple and easy. The LSQ-40L has a backlit LCD display on the operator's side of the scale as well as one on the customer's side.

SCALENET software is included, so programming can be done from your PC and downloaded into the scale.


» Capacity: 40 lb x 0.01 lb.
» 300 programmable memories.
» Control of up to 50 salespersons.
» Prints different types of reports and listings.
» 5 printing formats.
» Displays advertising messages continuously.
» Easily interchangeable cartridges.
* Printer now comes w/ an ethernet cable to connect the printer to the computer

Control your business operations with accurate weighing, easy programming & fast convenient labeling. The reliable Torrey LSQ-40L printing scale weighs up to 40 lbs. and prints on continuous paper or economical labels in choice of two popular format options. Labels print with bar code if desired. Dual-sided LCD display shows weight and price from both sides, and can display scrolling promotional messages. You can configure cash register functions, returns, discounts, and non-weighed products. Up to 20 sellers are controllable with password-protected supervisor-level security & key-and-password manager-level security. Touchpad surface wipes clean easily. NTEP ("Legal For Trade") certificate is available on request.

The Torrey LSQ-40L printing scale is a smart addition for any retail shop — providing efficiency, ease of use, and long-term durability. Not least of all, its handsome stainless construction and clean lines communicate a sharp image to your customers.

All the programming information for this LSQ printing labeling scale can be found in the user manual that comes with the scale. A maximum of 2 hours telephone time will be provided free of charge.
Any assistance that goes beyond 2 hours will be at a rate of $90/hr. We can also offer custom programming starting at $350.


Can I print my company logo on the label?

A: No.  You cannot print the logo to the label as images are not transmitted.  However, you can print the company name, address and phone number as your header.

What are the five printing formats?
A:There are actually only 4 formats-each take the same label, just a different layout for printing the information.


Prints Reports: Prints sales reports by seller, by PLU, by group, dept., and more. Prints lists including general PLU's, tares, sellers and more.

300 Pricing Memories: 300 standard programmable memories with 72 direct-access memory keys. Optional expansion memory allows up to 10,000 PLU's (price look-ups.)

Dimensions Overall: Main cabinet is 15.9"W x 17.7"D x 8.8"H (with turrent 19.5"W x 21"H.) Platform 15"W x 12"D.

Includes Scalenet software for Ethernet connection: Use one or unlimited number of LSQ-40L scales on your network. Also includes 1 printhead, 1 paper roll, 1 label roll, 1 serial cable for PC, Scalenet software and manual, programming manual, program stencil, AC adapter.

Accessories: Label rolls (available in two- or ten-packs) contain 1500 labels per roll, each label 2.2" x 1.57". Memory expansion card plugs in to expand PLU's (price look ups) memories to 10,000 (from 300 standard.) Clear splash cover fits over case but under platform for use in wet environments.

Model # Capacity Readability Pan Size List Price Your Price
LSQ-40L 40lb 0.01lb 15" x 12" $1,290.00 $925.00

Model #  Optional Accessory (call to order) Your Price
Labels Pack with 2 rolls (1,500 labels each roll) 2.2 x 1.57" label size $25.00
Labels Box with 10 rolls (1,500 labels each roll) 2.2 x 1.57" label size $90.00
Memory Board Expansion memory board to 10,000 PLU's $199.00
Operating Temp. -10 a 40°C (13 a 104° F)
Range of Storage Temp. -20 a 50°C (-4 a 122° F)
NTEP approved (legal for trade)

Full 1 year manufacturer's warranty

Literature (printable documents):

LSQ Series Specifications Sheet

Get the free Adobe Acrobat Reader from

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