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MB2610 Triple Beam Balance - 2,610g Capacity
SCALES MB2610 Triple Beam Balance - 2,610g Capacity
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MB2610 Triple Beam Balance - 2,610g Capacity
by Salter
Price: $120.00
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» Application - Suitable for physics and chemistry experiments, analytical weighing in chemical works, medical hygiene weighing, foodstuff, agriculture, textiles, electronics, mines, scientific research institutions, high school science labs, universities, colleges and more

» Capacity - Up to 2,610g x 0.1g

» Speed Weighing - Magnetic damping brings the pointer to rest with minimum amount of swings

» Durable Construction - Three beam made of high quality aluminum alloy. The ground agate plane improves accuracy and lengthens life of operation

More information:

Construction - Triple beam direct reading, magnetic damping, durable metal construction, ground agate plane for improved accuracy and longer operational life.

Operation - After placing the balance on a smooth, flat surface, slide the weights up into the slot on the respective beam (center and behind), and into the zero position.

Zeroing - With all sliding weights in zero position, the pointer should be near zero.  For exact zero, adjust the knurled knob, which is located at the left end of the beam.

Attachment Weights - Three pre-calibrated attachment weights are included to extend the weighing range. Total weighing capacity is 2,610 grams when the attachment weights are suspended from the pivots. Without the weights, the capacity is 610 grams.


Can you zero out the weight of a container, bin, etc. and then start adding what you're weighing?
A: Yes, you simply put your container on the scale and turn the knob to zero out the container weight and then add whatever you're weighing.


Capacity (g)
Capacity (g)
610 g (without attachment weights)
2610 g (with attachment weights)

Weighing Units: grams (g)
Readability: 0.1g
Capacity: 610g (without attachment weights)
              2610g (with attachment weights)
Beam Calibrations: 10 x 0.1g / 100 x 10g / 500 x 100g

     Scale: 18" (L) x 3" (W) x 5.5" (H)
     Weighing Platform: 6" Diameter (round shaped)

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